What's Your Sex Ed Horror Story?


Sex TalkDid your parents ever try to have the sex talk with you but it totally went up in flames?  Have you blocked out all memory of it except for how painfully awkward it was? Send us your cringe-worthy tales about your parents, your high school sex ed teacher, or your well-meaning aunt and their attempts to teach you about the birds and the bees. You might see your story on our web site.

Here are a few of the stories we've received so far:

  • “The only time I got the sex ed was in school when I was 14.  I honestly don’t remember much because my teacher was either abnormally dehydrated or extra nervous because spit kept gathering up in the corners of his mouth.  He started to look like a rabid animal.  I was so grossed out through the whole talk, but it kind of did the trick.  For a while, every time I though about sex I had shuddering flashbacks to how gross it was.” ~ Rosa, 16
  • “When I first got my period, my mom said, 'Okay, now you can get pregnant, so don't go sluttin' around.'  That was my sex talk.  Thanks a lot, mom!  Big help!“ ~ Amaya, 17
  • “I was in the car with my dad on a six-hour car trip and he decided that it was a good time to have the sex talk. He told me everything about sex… and I mean everything. It wasn’t just 'make sure you use a condom,' he went into exact, scientific detail about how things work and all the messy stuff.  If I could have safely jumped from a moving vehicle, I would have.”Taylor, 17

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